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Starfoil Victoria Cylinder 1040 - ym 1998


  • Adjustable bed
  • 3 foil pulls
  • Variable Accel / Decel and delay pull pulse – to provide accurate foil pull and prevent preheating of foil.
  • Foil Countdown in metres – this system will provide a warning that a foil change is required and is controlled via the touchscreen.
  • Electronic front and sidelay sensors
  • Auto impression
  • Preloader
  • Machine has been completely built by Starfoil.
  • Condition as is.
Did you know that Starfoil is a supplier of make-ready materials?
• Toggle hooks, keys en bits
• Pertinax
• Presspan
• Epoxy glass board
• Yellow cover board
• Rubber Printbase
• SuperPress blanket
• Diafoil
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