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Pro Line SBB cylinder

Hot-stamping cylinder press - Sheet size: 570 x 820 mm

Utilising a fully re-conditioned cylinder machine this conversion offers high quality foil stamping, embossing and die cutting with maximum speed up to 3000 sheets per hour. A precision ground cast iron bed carries a four- zone heater system. The machine is operated by a digital touch screen carried on a swivel arm.

Maximum paper size is 570 x 820 mm.

Optional extras:

- Adjustable bed
- Removable aluminium top plates
- Hologram registration
- Delay pull pulse (preventing foil burning)
- Foil countdown
Starfoil Pro Line SBB cylinder press
.Print specification
Speed 4000 IPH
Maximum sheet size 570 x 820 mm
Minimum sheet size 210 x 280 mm
Foiling area 570 x 800 mm
Feeder pile height 340 mm
Delivery pile height 540 mm
Grip distance 5 mm
Maximum sheet thickness 0.6 mm
.Machine Specification
Length 4.5 mm
Width 2.3 m
Height 1.9 m
Weight 6000 kgs
Total power 20 kW, 380V - 415V, 3 phase plus neutral & earth
PLC control Yes
Electronic speed control Yes
Touch screen controls Translated according to customer's specification
Diagnostic modem Yes
.Foil specification
Maximum foil diameter 125 mm (610 m)
Number of foil units 2 standard; 3 - 4 optional
Number of lengths per program 3, more optional
Number of pulls per length 99
Foil bar 1
Pull resolution 0.1 mm
Hologram registration system Up to 4 with stepping facilities
.Bed specification
Heated zones 4
Adjustable zones (optional) 4
Sensors per zone 1
Maximum adjustment 1 mm
Mamimum temperature 220 C
Die height 6.35 mm or 7 mm
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